Silver ProAir

Orthopaedic mattress in luxurious antibacterial Silver Guard cover with 3D grid
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Technical specifications of the mattress: HR4040 cold foam, - reinforced sides 3050, - top layer made of Visco 4517 profiled cold foam - cover on one side unlined silverguard (in the future, please supply this side laminated "integrated mattress protector") - cover on the other side unlined silverguard - black zipper all around - cover sides made of 3D grid - Load capacity - Permanent load up to 160 kg - Packed in a compression way in a practical transport bag Benefits - made of high quality cold foams in combination with Visco - combines anti-shock protection with the orthopaedic benefits of cold foam - anti-shock protection up to class II. - the cover on the side is equipped with a breathable 3D grid that allows side ventilation of the mattress, this reduces the formation of internal moisture and dust mites - the Silver Guard cover contains active silver, which eliminates dust mite formation - zippered cover around the entire mattress for easy cover removal - combination of five effective weight distribution and reduces unnatural bruising of the shoulder blades, buttocks, heels and shoulders - reinforced mattress sides to eliminate sinking when getting up - integrated mattress protector on one side cover