Designer electric reclining bed.

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10 years of experience

The bed technology has undergone several years of development to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

Timeless design

A bed that is not just another electric recliner, but a true piece of designer furniture.

Extreme durability

30,000 test cycles. Decades of operation. That's how long the bed will serve perfectly and flawlessly.

Easy assembly

You can easily assemble the bed from individual parts that can be easily transported in a car.

For home care and nursing homes

Evobed is designed primarily for home care, but it will also find use in nursing homes, retirement homes, spa homes, Alzheimer's centers, plastic surgery clinics, boarding houses, hotels and other places where the assistance of an electric reclining medical bed is desired.

For home care and nursing homes

Comfort and elegance of a classic bed

The functions and qualities of the Evobed medical positioning bed are not those of an ordinary electric positioning bed, which evokes a hospital in its appearance and betrays a handicap or limitation at first glance. It is a true design furniture, meeting the highest standards of medical equipment. It will provide its owner with comfort and invaluable assistance in the home, without disturbing the design of the room and the naturalness of the home environment.

For home care and nursing homes

Custom configuration

With our online configurator, you can build Evobed to your exact requirements. You don't pay for components you don't need, but you can reorder them later at any time and adapt the bed to your current health condition and other requirements.

Custom configuration

Top quality materials with practical maintenance

Premium materials with practical maintenance Evobed is still a medical bed despite its elegant and timeless design. All parts are therefore made of high-quality materials that are easy to wash and disinfect. The covers are easily replaceable and washable, so the overall maintenance of the bed is easy and meets the highest standards.

Top quality materials with practical maintenance

Made professionally in the Czech Republic

Made professionally in the Czech Republic

High quality and great price

Evobed meets the most demanding requirements of a medical reclining bed combined with an elegant, timeless design. It is made of high quality materials under strict supervision of compliance with all prescribed standards. Moreover, thanks to the configurator, you can still save money on unnecessary parts and equipment for the bed. With Evobed you are buying lasting value, an investment in the future.

High quality and great price
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the bed for?

Evobed has the same features and functions as a professional hospital electric recliner. However, unlike it, it stands out with an elegant design that will not disturb the interior and will appear at first glance as an ordinary piece of furniture. You will appreciate Evobed when caring for people with health limitations at home, but it is also suitable, for example, for the elderly without any disabilities. It will also find its application in nursing or spa homes, homes for the elderly, special clinics and other places where the electric reclining bed is an invaluable aid.

How do I get the bed where I need it? Will I be able to do it by myself in a regular car?

The basic weight of the bed without accessories is 85 kg, the bed is sold in a solid box with dimensions 120 × 80 cm.

Can I assemble the bed myself or do I need the help of a technician?

Assembling the bed is relatively easy and you can do it, in most cases, without our help by following a simple video manual.

Do I need to prepare or adjust the room for the bed?

The bed will take up about 224 × 106 cm on the floor. For easy handling of the bed, it is good, practical and safe to allocate additional space around it. The minimum distance around the bed should be 15cm.

How long will the bed last?

The bed has been tested for up to 30,000 cycles, which is equivalent to decades of use.

Can I buy components later that were not needed when I bought them?

With our configurator, you can build your bed exactly as you need it. You can purchase, replace or dismantle the individual components and accessories at any time. This applies to the mattress, trapeze, side rails, castors or covers.

What are the dimensions of the bed?

At maximum length and width, the dimensions of the bed are 224 × 106 cm.

What is the load capacity of the bed?

The maximum load capacity of the bed is 190 kg including the person and mattress.

Is the bed equipped with a mattress or do I have to buy one?

A medical mattress designed for an electric reclining bed including a removable cover can be included in the bed, it is up to the customer whether or not they choose a mattress in the configurator.

Can the bed be washed and cleaned like a normal hospital bed?

All covers are easily replaceable, washable and cleanable, other surfaces can be easily washed and disinfected. The maintenance of the bed is thus the same as for a normal hospital bed and meets the highest hygiene and health standards.

All Evobeds beds are manufactured in the Czech Republic and their design and functionality are based on years of experience.

Design and manufacture in the Czech Republic.